Kavalan Sherry Oak / 2018 / NAS / 46% Vol.

Kavalan Sherry Oak / 2018 / NAS / 46% Vol.

When I first came in contact with the taiwanese Kavalan bottlings, I wasn’t too impressed, to be honest. Back then, I tried the Classic, Podium and Concertmaster from their corerange and they where all quite allright but also a little simple and thin im my rememberance. A few years later, I stumpled upon the Solists (Single Casks)  and Selection Range, and things changed drastically.

Today, I want to taste the „Sherry Oak”, which is the entry level sherry bottling of Kavalan. It’s bottled at a little lower ABV (46%) than the cask strength Solists, but the color is nonetheless promising.

Foto Credit: justadram.org



Cassis, blackberries, raisins and orange peel. Wet tobacco, balsamico, chicken broth, slightly tangy and salty. Hints of menthol and cough drops. With time, earthy notes appear. Rotting leaves in autumn, mushrooms, damp forest floor. A great nose! .. No single off–note is to be found.


bittersweet with orangepeel, blackberries, raisins and tobacco. Gets then more salty, meaty and umami. The 46%ABV make for a creamy and velvety mouthfeel. Even though this is NAS it doesn’t feel young at all. Only the finish is a bit short and makes you want to pour the next dram. 😉


Holy Sherry Bomb Batman – this is great stuff! I was a little hesitant at first because of the lower ABV and price compared to the Solists and Selection bottlings but this is right up my alley. On par with some of the glorious Glenfarclas Family Casks but for a fraction of the cost. Only the finish gives away the youth maybe. But for that price, I can easily live with that. A modern dark sherry malt that ticks all the boxes. I hope they can continue with this kind of quality. /89

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