Secret Speyside 2002 / 16yo / Cask 900145 The Maltman / 51.8% Vol.

Secret Speyside 2002 / 16yo / Cask 900145 The Maltman / 51.8% Vol.

Well, this bottling and its precursors (you can find my notes here) seem to stir up a lot of drama in certain circles of the whisky world. There were just not enough bottles to satisfy the ever growing demand for these heavily sherried speysiders. Those who managed to be quick and snatched up a few bottles can consider themselves lucky in my opinion, as these oldschool sherrycask flavour profiles are getting less and less obtainable for reasonable money.

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Yes! Pure Dark Sherry Galore: blackberries, black cherries, blood oranges..The usual suspects 😉 Red apples, beef stock, drops of soysauce, damp forest floor, rotting autumn leaves, dusty humidor, tobaccopouch, old leather, lots of rancio. Resembles a meaty, musty, old armagnac.


Bold, astringent arrival on blackberries, cassis, creamy balsamico and sour black cherries. The ABV is perfect here. Develops on grilled meat, dark chocolate and dried tobacco leaves. Its even a little salty around the edges. Lovely… The long finish leaves you with a pleasant minty and herbal bitterness.


Where do they still get these glorious paxarettelike casks? Even better than the 14yo because it lacks the wooddriven bitterness of its precursor. This one is more balanced and complex. I really hope there will be more editions of these not so Secret Speysides. Lovers of older Glendronach Single Casks, oldschool Macs and dark sherry bottlings will be very pleased. Give it a few drops of water to open up and you can nose this one for hours. /90

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