Smokehead Sherry Bomb / Limited Edition / NAS / Ian Macleod / 48% Vol.

Smokehead Sherry Bomb / Limited Edition / NAS / Ian Macleod / 48% Vol.

I recently bought this new Limited Edition Smokehead Sherry Bomb because of two reasons: First: I am a sucker for peat & sherry and you can sell me almost anything in this direction (just kidding). Second: The fancy metall tube with its punk-rock-style embossed red skull made me really want to buy this bottle (sadly, not kidding). So, when it finally became available, I shelled out the dosh ASAP, and opened the bottle right away as to check if this was just a brilliant marketing stunt/collectors bottle, or if this NAS juice is actually worth the 75€ I paid (holy sh*t).

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A very coastal, saline and youthful peatiness first jumps out the glas, followed by leathery and herbal sherry. A minty and somehow artifical, rubbery sweetness that reminds me of Kids toothpaste. A bit weird, but hey, it works… These were definetly not some old, vintage Bodega sherry casks. 😉 Roasted cashews and salted peanuts, a few raisins, a bag of trail mix. After some time in the glas, it gets more “one”. The aromas come together and create a nice, modern sherried Islay Malt.


Sturdy arrival on astringent peat and leather. Licking a flintstone on the beach (I did many weird things as a kid). A funky, nutty and slightly chemical sherry flavour flashes up before the herbal and dry peatiness takes over again.



Obviously, this is young stuff. I expected that, when I ordered the bottle. But I have to say, it’s really fun to sip. Leave the pricetag aside and you get a decent, very modern take on Islay and sherry. This one shouldn’t be taken too seriously (it’s definetly NOT a sherry bomb), just crack the bottle and enjoy it with friends. This is a session malt like the younger Port Askaigs, Classic of Islay or Ileach Cask Strength for example. I like it. /86

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