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William Cadenhead 20 years old Blend Batch II

William Cadenhead 20 years old Blend Batch II

This Cadenhead Blend is from a living cask that is bottled in batches. Batch II contains Glenrothes, Benrinnes and Invergordon. All components are at least 20 years old. The liquid in the bottle is one of the darkest I have ever seen. The solera sherry cask must have been very active to say the least.


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Overripe raspberries, dark grapes, black cherries, strawberry bubblegum, creamy vanilla, garden herbs like rosmarin and thyme. A fistful of european oak. Polished mahoganytable. Leatherboots. An armagnac–like earthyness. A hint of musty woodsmoke from the Benrinnes appears in the back. Lovely. I would not have guessed a blend here. No grainy notes so far… Damp, old wine cellar, old books, wet earth. Dunnage warehouse. A sherry bodega in spain. Finally, some nice, buttery cereal notes from the aged grain show up. Toasted bread with salted butter and orange marmalade.


Creamy and velvety arrival with lots of aged oloroso, sweet herbal liquors, Fernet Menta…? Nice development on bitter orangepeel, mint candy, brown sugar, maple syrup, rosmarin, fennel, thyme. English breakfast tea. Buttery shortbread and marzipan. A pinch of salt. In the finish the european oak kicks in with a spicy espresso kick.


Already one of my favourites of 2019. This one just oozes aged dark sherry flavours. Tastes and smells much older. The small grain amount makes for a very nice sipping dram. A hint of smoke adds complexity. Also the strength is perfectly chosen. Makes you want to pour the next dram 😉 Congrats to the blender, a great recipe. Looking forward to batch III. /92

Glendronach 1971 / 42YO / PX Sherry Cask 1246 / 44.6% Vol.

Glendronach 1971 / 42YO / PX Sherry Cask 1246 / 44.6% Vol.

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to taste a very rare Glendronach 42yo. Single PX Sherry Cask with my good buddy Konstantin from „It’s dram o‘clock“ (you can check out his new YouTube channel here). As expected, this session turned out to be a very singular and special experience.

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Beautiful! Really, the first word that comes to mind is just „beautiful“. This one needs time…. Huge notes of brown sugar, dried raisins, maple syrup, antique balsamic vinegar, menthol, blackberries and the finest cassis liqueur. Teakwood, furniture polish and damp wine cellar. Delicate fruit acid, meaty rancio and whiffs of cigar tobacco. The richness of this nose is almost overwhelming.


Creamy and velvety arrival. Old cassis liqueur, the most expensive chocolate, walnuts and freshly brewed espresso. Very leathery! A wonderful, creamy and fruity balsamic acidity appears. Stunning complexity and very „alive“ for it’s age! In the finish is where the oak speaks loudest: herbal and pronounced leathery notes, rich espresso and drops of sweet and salty hoisin sauce remain.


A stellar cask! Really, this dark sherry oldtimer is a classic masterpiece. At this age, you might be afraid that the oak would just dominate and kill any complexity, but this one just goes to show that these old sherry casks are some of the best things the scottish whisky industry has to offer. It could need a few more %ABV for one or two extra points, but this is just fantastic as it is. Both Konsti and me agreed that this one is fully worth it’s hefty price tag. If you can get a sample, try it! /92